Terms and Conditions

Dropoff and Collection times


Dogs can be dropped off and collected during the following times:-

Monday to Friday between 08:30 & 16:45

Weekends & Bank Holidays between 09:30 & 16:00


Booking Deposit

Due to the high volume of bookings and limited kennel availability, we have had to introduce an email and deposit system.

To secure your booking, a 30% deposit must be paid within 3 days of receiving this message; if the total of the stay is less than £25.00, we will request the total amount of the stay to be paid.

If we do not receive the deposit at the close of business on the following banking day, we will assume you no longer require the booking for your dog and cancel it.

The booking will only be secured once we have received your deposit paid to us via bank transfer.

Account details are as follows Business name on the account is MuddyDugz Day Care & Boarding

Sort Code 04-06-05

Account No 20098597

Please use the dog’s name, your surname & the check-in date, e.g. Barney West 01-04-2022, as the reference.

I understand that I need to pay the remaining balance in full at the time of the drop-off of the dog.

Cancellation policy

We will refund the deposit paid to us by applying the following if the cancellation is more than 14 days before the check-in date, you will receive your deposit minus £5.00 to cover the cost of administration costs incurred.

If you cancel less than 14 days before the check-in date, no refund will be made. However, we understand that changes may be required if, outside the 14 days, the booking will be moved without the admin cost, and the below will be applied.

If a further cancellation is made, no refunds will be made, and we will allow the booking to be moved to a different date with a £15.00 admin fee being paid at the time; if any other cancellations are received, the deposit will be lost, and a new contract will be started.

All cancellations of less than 14 days before check-in day will incur a £40.00 administration charge.

Responsibilities, health and vaccination

While your dog is staying with MuddyDugz Day Care & Boarding Kennels, you acknowledge that the kennel staff will look after and take care of your dog and understand that you are boarding the dog at your risk.

I authorise MuddyDugz Day Care & Boarding Kennels to contact my dog’s veterinary practice for medical information and advice and use their vets (Acres Veterinary Centre) on my behalf should it be necessary to seek veterinary treatment if illness or injury is suspected whilst the dog is under our care, and this will be at my expense.

You must disclose any medical conditions or behavioural concerns to us before your check-in date or if anything has changed or happened after submitting the registration information about the dog has changed or happened via email to andelalie@adk9-scotland.co.uk

You must notify us, by email, of any suspected illness or injury before the check-in day.

All dogs must have an up-to-date vaccination record card and proof submitted to us before check-in; this information must be eligible and related to the dog so we can check its authenticity.

If no evidence of an up-to-date vaccine card Is attached to the link, we will refuse the dog to board with us until we have received it and will not hold the booking unless you have emailed us asking for us to hold it or secure it with a deposit.

Before check-in day, all dogs must have recently received preventative treatment against fleas, ticks, and worming. We recommend you seek advice about the kennel cough vaccine on whether to board the dog with or without this vaccine.

Please note having received the kennel cough vaccine may not stop your dog from catching it.

Any costs resulting from preventable parasite diseases will be the Owner’s responsibility.

Timetable for payments

I understand that I will need to pay the total boarding costs in full on or before collection; no dog/s will be released until full and final payment has been received.

No dog will be allowed to accumulate more than 14 days of accumulation monies owed to us. If this happens, we will send you a payment link to keep this amount below the 14 days, and it will need to be settled within 24 hours of it being sent.

Boarding fees are charged per night, and a £ 10.00-day boarder charge will be added for each dog collected after 12 o’clock if the dog was dropped off before this time.

Please note there is a £12.00 per dog supplementary charge for any stay covering a Bank Holiday, e.g. Christmas, New Year, Easter, May, Fair Monday and August.


Any items given to us and left by you are done at your own risk; MuddyDugz Day Care & Boarding Kennels will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to these items or resulting from these items.

You are responsible for ensuring that any items left are collected at the end of your dog’s stay.

Diet and Medication

Special dietary requirements will be administered as directed by the Owner.

All reasonable efforts will be made to administer medication as directed and must be discussed with us in detail before we can confirm and accept your booking and will be discussed at length before check-in.

Collection of your dog

If you board your dog with us and do not collect the dog on the prearranged date and no communication is received from you via email, arranging this and settlement of any outstanding money to this point, 14 days after this date, we reserve the right to start the procedure to have the dog rehomed and all costs resulting from this will be your responsibility.

If there is any delay in collecting your dog, you must inform us immediately.

We reserve the right to refuse the extension if we have no capacity, and your emergency contact will be responsible for collecting the dog.

Any monies due must be paid in full before the dog leaves our care.

If, for some reason, you are unable to collect the dog and have organised for someone else to collect the dog, we require you to email us their name and make and model of vehicle and registration.

If the money for the boarding is not paid to us at the time of dropoff or collection of the dog, an administration fee of £48.00 + VAT will be added to the amount owed to us, and if not settled within three days, the debt will be passed on to our debt collection agency and all subsequent cost added to the rest.